Martin Benjamin's
Picture of the Week

AJ Goldberg gallery

Blotto T-Shirts

The "Blotto Grotto", 1979

Cheese shaves his head for the first time, 1981

Sarge as "Metal Head", 1981

JB Scott's, 81/82


The METAL HEAD video

The I QUIT video

Oswego, 1982

Bowtie in red, 1982

Blotto on LIVEWIRE!, 1982

Party In The Park, 1983

Christmas at MTV, 1983

The Bottom Line, 1984

Cheese, 1998

Albany's Tulip Festival, 1998

"Then More Than Ever"
CD release party

Brunswick, 2003

Schenectady, NY, 7/18/2004

Scotia, NY 8/5/2006

Great Barrington, MA 5/19/07

Empre State Plaza, July 4th, 2008