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"Then More Than Ever"

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Blotto Pawpet Music Video on YouTUBE

The first 62 videos aired on MTV (Blotto is #34)

We Are The Nowtones is referenced in these two websites:


These are some fans' own Blotto shrines:
Larry T's Blotto Site
Lili's Blotto Site

Longtime Blotto photographer Martin Benjamin has TWO websites!

Ramblin' Jug Stompers are the Capital Region's newest (and only-est?) honest-to-goodness jug band!

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F. Lee Harvey Blotto's alter ego is mild-mannered Paul Rapp and he's got a website:

Listen to former Blotto Records recording artistSara Ayers 

Want to check out other Albany bands? Just follow theCRUMBS 

Delight to the sexy burlesque of the Pontani Sisters!

The Boogie Knights do their own very special verion of "Lifeguard"

Surf's Up is a new musical featuring "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard"