articles & reviews
1979 Blotto Concerts
Review by John Dauphinais for "Kite", March 9, 1979
Announcement from April, 1979 by Martin Moynihan for "The Entertainer"
Review from May 16, 1979 by John DAUPHINAIS for "Kite"
Review from September 9, 1979 by Mike Dubois for "The Poly
Review from December 1979 for "ROCKERS", Buffalo, NY...author unknown
Hello! My Name Is Blotto! What's Yours?
Two-paged interview and album review by Brian Stevens,
upon the release of Blotto's first EP from METROLAND magazine.
Album review by Jeff Tamarkin
upon the release of Blotto's first EP from GOLDMINE magazine.
Article/Album Review from February 10, 1980
by Debbie Snook for "The Albany Times Union"
1980 Blotto Concerts
Review from June 18, 1980 by Megan Seacord for "Kite"
Review from September 4, 1980 by Joe Makowiec for "The Polytechnic"
Review from October 16, 1980 by Randy Greenberg for "The Daily Targum"
Across and Down
Review by Carlo Wolff for "Metroland"

Review by Dee Lanese for "The Guilderland Journal", March 16, 1981
When The Second Feature Starts
Article from July 16, 1981 by Donald E. Wilcock for "Metroland"
When The Second Feature Starts
Combo Akimbo Album Review written for "The Stute", Author unknown
1981 Blotto Concerts
Article from October 30, 1981 by Ray Caligiure
1982 Blotto Concerts
Review from Feb 10, 1982 by Brian Fox for "The Aquarian"
Review from October 5, 1982 by D. L. Mabery for "The Twin Cities Reader"

Review from October 5, 1982 by Jack Lechner for "The Yale Daily News"
Review from October 19, 1982 written by Michele Block for "Revelations" (F.I.T.)
Rockbill article from 1983
Then More Than Ever
Review from April 20, 2001 by Chuck Miller for "Goldmine"
2006 New Years' Concert
Fan's review (letter to the editor)